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I downloaded APOSme from a software download site.  When I run the downloaded file, setup.exe, it starts to install and then goes into a loop and asks me to start again.  Why?

When I print a receipt it looks strange.  I only have 1 printer, an inkjet, and all reports look fine.   Why?

When I run APOSme my anti-virus software gives me an alert about script activity.  What should I do?

I do backups every day and now I am getting an error and can not back up, What happened?

When I try to compact my Database I get a message that there is not enough disk space, but there is enough, why the error?

When I try to do a backup I get an error

In the Database Maintenance Menu under the Utility Menu There is an option called 'Compact'.  What is it? 

Can I use the data in my databases in other programs? 

I have Microsoft's Access2003.  When I open the APOSme database I get a message asking if I want to convert the database to 2003.  What should I do? 

When I start APOSme I get a screen asking for a password.  I tried entering my employee code but the program just quits.  What am I doing wrong?   

I want one POS system to use as a cash register and I want to view the sales, and perhaps enter inventory from a system in the back office. Is that 2 regular licenses or do you have a back office license?

When entering a new sale, Advanced POS asks for client info and then you press F4 for a cash sale. Is there any way to go directly to cash sale?

Is there any telephone tech support for initially setting up the system in case we have any trouble?

Is there anyway to change the color of the buttons or backgrounds?


Because we have been offering software downloads for so long, many sites have there link, to us, as looking for the old DOS file name of setup.exe.  However, in the windows version that creates the problem.  To solve this rename the downloaded file or re-download the trial from this site's download page.   <Top of Page>

If you are using your report printer ( a full sheet printer ) to print receipts make sure the Receipt Printer Setting in the Setup Menu/POS Hardware Setup is set to "Use Report Printer".  The Receipt Printer selection is used to select a receipt style printer only.   <Top of Page>

APOSme writes files to the hard drive as part of it's normal operation.  Your anti-virus software is set to look for text scripting because many viruses use this method to infect your computer.  Since it is normal for APOSme to write files, you should allow this operation to continue.  Most anti-virus software will "learn" the programs that you allow to run scripts so you should only need to do this once.  If you continue to get the alert, you may need to set your anti-virus software to ignore scripts, check with your anti-virus software support for help with this.   <Top of Page>

We are not sure why, we think it is due to security updates, but the read only attribute for the folder that you backup to has been set and now the software can not write to it.  To fix this, use Windows Explorer to locate the backup folder.  Right click on the folder and select properties.  Remove the check in the read only box.  This should allow the backup to run.  We are working on a workaround to this and will add it to a future release. (FIXED IN VER 7.8.1)  <Top of Page>

There is an error in version 7.8.0. for the compact feature in the Database Maintenance Menu.  It is fixed in the next release 7.8.1 not yet released (FIXED IN VER 7.8.1)  <Top of Page>

When you first select to do a backup the default directory, 'C:\Program Files\APOSme' does not allow files to be written to it.  To fix this, change the selected folder and or the drive to some other existing location or create a new folder.  We have changed the default in version 7.8.0 to your documents folder.  <Top of Page>

Advanced Point of Sale(made easy) uses Microsoft Access databases.  As they are modified, fragmentation occurs.  Also unused data cause the databases to grow very large.  These things cause a slow down in response during database operations and waste disk space.  Compacting the databases, on a regular basis based on your usage, will keep APOSme running at its best. <Top of Page>

Yes,  since we use Microsoft Access databases in APOSme, the data can be imported into many other programs.  Note: Care needs to be taken so that no changes are made to the original database used by APOSme. <Top of Page>

DO NOT convert the databases, you will still be able to use the data.  We are using the Microsoft Access 97 database structure to allow clients with older versions of Microsoft Office, and other applications, to use the database information for things such as mail merging or spreadsheet viewing.  Note: You should always use copies of the APOSme database, NEVER the original database.  <Top of Page>

The password screen is looking for an entry password to be entered.  This password is independent of the employee codes.  By default there is no password set and pressing the enter key, clicking on the enter button, or pressing F10 will start APOSme.   To set the entry password, go to the Utility Menu and select "Change Entry Password".  <Top of Page>


You will need two licenses.  All copies of APOSme have full functionality, if you purchases 2 or more copies for the same business location at the same time, you may be eligible for a discount on the additional copies.  Contact us for more information on multiple license discounts.  <Top of Page>

Yes, you can configure the APOSme to bypass all customer related info. By going to the Utility/Setup Menu then selecting "Sale Screen Setup".  There you will find an option asking if you what to use customers during sales.  Answer "N", No. <Top of Page>

Yes, during the posted hours, email, or by scheduled appointment.  We are very willing to help all callers, licensed or not.  Please try to be at the computer when you call about system operation. <Top of Page>

Yes, the button colors and backgrounds can be changed.  Going to the Utility/Setup Menu then select "Change Colors". <Top of Page>


If you have any questions not answered here, please E-Mail us with your question.

  Click here to send an e-mail to info@aposme.com

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