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James Enterprises of NY, Inc.

About Us

James Enterprises of NY, Inc. started out as James Enterprises, a consulting business in the early 1980's. At that time, most of our consulting was with professionals, doctors and lawyers, on home and business computer hardware and software. Computer hardware and software was less familiar to most people back then, so we did well setting up hardware and software applications for our clients. The rest of our business was teaching professionals on how to use their computers and software.

As time went on, computer hardware and "canned" software became more common place. As our clients used their computers for more things, they began requiring software that more exactly met their needs. As a result, they began asking us for more custom applications and our business shifted from computer hardware and software consulting to custom software development. At first custom software development was very time consuming, which made it expensive. Still some of our clients recognized the advantage that custom software brought to them, and we found ourselves developing software for everything from Real Estate, to Chiropractic Offices, and from Boat Maintenance to Retail Sales. As our library of programs increased, and the development tools got better, we found it easier to develop applications fast. That, along with more and more computers in business, allowed us to start marketing our custom software to more local businesses in the New York area.

During the late 80's we started getting requests to developed Point of Sale applications, on a custom one-by-one basis, making each copy slightly different to meet the needs of our clients, which by now were mostly small business owners. We noticed that small businesses, that could benefit from Point of Sale systems, were being left out due to the high cost and high complexity associated with P.O.S. systems. We decided to create a Point of Sale system that would be easy to use and inexpensive, while meeting the needs of the small business owner.

To do this we took the "generic" parts of our programs and created the first version of Advanced Point Of Sale (made easy). In it's beginning, we made it available only to local businesses. We worked closely with them to add and test the functionality they asked for. By 1996 Advanced Point Of Sale (made easy) had become a program that was easy to install, learn and use. The only thing left to do was to make it widely available to small businesses everywhere. To do this, and keep it inexpensive, we decided to create an easy to install 30 day free trial and post it on the Internet. 

James Enterprises of NY, Inc. still looks for suggestions on features to add and ways to improve the program. Most suggestions made by our users, that can benefit other users, get incorporated into the program and are released as updates to that version of the software. Our registered users can download the latest update to their version of Advanced Point Of Sale (made easy) from our web site to keep up with the new features.

We hope our program will help in making your business more successful.