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Using APOSme with our integrated Credit Card feature reduces errors by passing the charge amount and other sale information directly to the credit card processor with no manual intervention. This means no more costly mistakes or unhappy customers due to  miss-keying entries.   Instead, at the end of the sale the customer will be prompted to Insert, Swipe or Tap their credit card and the sales operator will be prompted that the sale was approved or declined and APOSme will make the sale or ask for a different form of payment.  Credit card receipts will print on your  receipt printer along with the sales receipt.

What is needed:
  1. APOSme Version 7.9.11
  2. OpenEdge merchant account
  3. An internet connection.
  4. Credit card hardware (supplied through OpenEdge)
  5. A receipt printer.
How it works:  
  1. When completing a sale, return, or void from within APOSme, select  credit card as the method of payment.
  2. When the credit card screen appears the customer will swipe, insert, or tap  card through the card reader or enter it manually.
  3. APOSme then sends the needed sales and credit card information to you merchant.  The software will processes the transaction and when the processing is complete the merchant will send back to APOSme the approval information (approved, declined, reason, etc).  Then, if the credit card sale is approved, the sale will complete or APOSme will give you options to continue.
  4. After the sale completes, APOSme will  print a normal customer receipt with additional credit card information and a signature line.

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