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Advanced Point of Sale (made easy) version 7 requires a Windows7 or newer operating system  . 

A few of the APOSme version 7 Features/b>

Sales system

  • Full cash register

  • Handles any number of items

  • Handles quantities up to 9,999 per item

  • Automatically brings up customer information based on their telephone number, last 4 digits of the number or their last name and if not found, allows you to enter it easily, automatically building a customer data base for future use.

  • Very easy to correct mistakes while tracking the changes made for future review

  • Prices can be adjusted for individual sales

  • Shows total of sale after each entry

  • Any number of deposits may be left before pick up

  • 4 Security levels limit level of use allowed by employees

  • Easy look up of past sales, returns, voids, and quotes by receipt number, customers last name, or date of sale

  • Look up items and inventory levels from within the cash register

  • Easy to make sales, returns, voids, and quotes

  • All activities logged in ledger and time-stamped with employee number for easy identification

  • Item quantities checked as items are entered and updated after sale

  • Description and price automatically shown

  • Items automatically checked to see if they are on sale

  • Optional use of bar code reader for easy and accurate item entry

Quote system

  • Same features as the cash register Plus

  • The ability to recall a saved quote for modification and/or to be turned into a sale

Inventory system

  • Ability to manually add, delete, or edit items

  • Easily receive items increasing on hand quantities and giving you a chance to change pricing

  • Prints list of received items for verification

  • Enter quantities of items on order to remove them from the reorder report

  • View database in spreadsheet format

  • Print reports on inventory information

  • Vendor database to track vendors

  • Purchase Orders for the ordering and receiving of items

  • Print receiving list for a P.O. to verify items received match items ordered

  • Item usage report for both sales and returns of any item range and any date range

  • Print labels with bar codes on a standard 8.5 x 11 printer

  • Items can be "placed on sale" for any date range with a new description and price without modifying the item

Accounting system

  • Full view of ledger by date or sale number

  • Total register information for any period of time

  • Sales tax information for any period of time

  • Reading or clearing of current register

  • Current inventory value for any range of item numbers

  • Graph sales for twelve days, weeks, or months from any date

  • Activity report to show sales activity over a 24 hour period

  • Cash register usage shows any edits made to items sold or removed during a sale and shows sales that were not completed (aborted)

Customer system

  • Automatically built through sales system by using the cash register or quoting system

  • Ability to manually add, delete, or edit customer information

  • Print full customer lists

  • Customer Sale History

  • Print mail list or labels

Employee system

  • Add, delete, edit, view employee information including a private 4 digit code and security level

  • Track all register usage for each employee

  • A Time Clock to track employee hours

Utility system

  • Change tax rate

  • Change date

  • Change entry password

  • Change owner or business information

  • Check for upgrades automatically or on demand

  • Backup or restore databases and station configuration

Security system

  • 4 level security protection to limit employees access

    1. Level 1 can only make sales, take deposits, and do customer pick ups

    2. Level 2 can also do returns, voids, and quotes

    3. Level 3 also has access to limited inventory functions

    4. Level 4 has full system access

And much more!